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I would fight for some fresh new music!

I confess, I'm addicted to new music.
I can't function without my weekly dose of new music.

It's nothing new, it started as a teenager back in 1979 when I did my first wedding and I got fired for playing "to new" music., I never liked playing "Green green grass of home", "Capri, c'est fini" or "Whiter shade of pale".
Nothings else gets me in the mood like new music.

On my Mixcloud select you get the newest tunes before you hear them anywhere else.

Exclusively every week in the full length and non-hosted music only recording of my radio show "Looking for the Perfect Beat" .
Mixcloud Selects subscribers get it before the radio's get it!

As a BIG bonus, I'm uploading every week several of my non-hosted music only and full length recordings of the show back to 2014.
These DJ sets have never been published before.

That's a whole lot of music, only for Mixcloud Select subscribers, follow this link to find out more.



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Irvin Cee

Irvin Cee

I'm a music lover, not a fighter. nah, that's not true. I would fight for some fresh new music. I'm available for both International and domestic bookings at Clubs, Festivals en Quality bars or events. More info? Use the contact form.


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