The great Facebook purge 2015.

By DJ Irvin Cee on 17/03/2015

facebookacebook has announced plans to purge an unknown number of what they call "inactive” accounts from the like counts of brand pages from March 12 2015.

At first I did not expect much to happen. Inactive accounts are accounts that are deactivated (by the user) or memorialized (deceased) accounts.

For me it was clear that “fake” accounts, used to falsify the like counter on pages, are not necessarily “inactive” accounts.

Most of the accounts used by click farms are kept more or less active so they can reuse them as long as they can.

One of the ways to achieve this is to interact with other users and like other pages that did not ordered likes.

This is why all pages have fake likes….

I suspect having around 20% of fake likes on my DJ Irvin Cee page, mostly due to “like advertising” I done a few times.

Which I deeply regret to have ever done that.

Please note that “Like advertising” is not the same as “buying likes”. You can buy 100.000 likes for a few euro, but when you advertise the person that sees your advert still needs to make a decision to actually voluntary like your page.

As I mentioned click farms try to avoid Facebook scanners to make the profile look like real and one of the ways to achieve that is to click on any ad they see.

This is how I got my fakes.

When reading this article 5chicago -  The Great Facebook Purge I was surprised they seemed very confident “inactive” accounts also include fake accounts and Facebook was about to remove “Fakes’ accounts.

And I was naive to believe that, so I inventorised several Belgium and Global dj’s.

Turns out I’m the biggest loser Glimlach Well in percentage that is, not in counts.

Most of them have lost something between 2 and 5%, which is from my understanding and what Facebook announced, normal.
The longer your page exist, the more you loose. People do stop with facebook and they don’t need to die for that.


Much fuss about nothing, I don't believe Facebook will ever take care of fake account, they have to much gain on them.

The good news is, that this is a good thing for you. Your post will reach more active users now..

Here are some Belgium and Global numbers for you.

And while you are here, like my page DJ Irvin Cee.

The Great Facebook Purge 2015 BELGIUM

The Great Facebook Purge 2015 GLOBAL


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