5 Ableton Live Tips To Revolutionize Your Workflow

By DJ Irvin Cee on 28/04/2015
Ableton is a bit like a Russian doll: the more layers you peel back, the more you discover underneath. While there are countless articles written on unlocking the power inside the obvious plug-ins, like the built-in compressor and EQ, there’s a host of features that go ignored. Click on to find 4 not-so-secret tricks in Ableton that we think might just change the way you work. Read full article on DJ TechTools

The great Facebook purge 2015.

By DJ Irvin Cee on 17/03/2015

Facebook has announced plans to purge an unknown number of what they call "inactive” accounts from the like counts of brand pages from March 12 2015.

Audio problems with Native Instruments - Traktor Pro as from 2.7.0 and higher.

By DJ Irvin Cee on 22/01/2015
As from Traktor update 2.7.0 up until 2.7.3 (at least) many both Mac and Windows users have issues with the sound quality. The problems vary and depends on the files format of the tracks, so not all of us have issues. Native instruments replaced the audio core of Traktor with a new one, giving all sort of issues. Up until today (April 11 2005) it it’s advised to keep using 2.6.8 because that is currently most stable version. Unfortunately some consoles will only work as from 2.7.0. For more details about the audio problems I experience you can watch my video recording right here on You Tube.


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