Irvin Cee launched his weekly radio show "Looking for the Perfect Beat" on January 3, 2014.
The one hour weekly show, will contain a various mix (beatmixed) of Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno and Hard Techno depending on Irvin's vibe of the moment.
It is hosted (narrated) in English by Irvin Cee himself but in a way that the music still dominates. It's al about the music and keeping the rythm!

The radio show is free to download for all radio stations (FM, Internet, etc). We ask you to confirm us the radio station and slot you will be featuring the show.
Your station details will be added on our sites and social media. You may want to give us the appropriate links and logo’s to be able to do that.

A track list will be available together with the download so you can submit this to your country author rights instance.


Most of my shows are avalable in my Souncloud set Looking for the Perfect Beat

Click here for the radio station artwork package.

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Request for Radiostations - 02 January 2014

Radio Show "Looking for the Perfect Beat"
Irvin Cee started as from January 5, 2014 with his radio show “Looking for the Perfect Beat”. read more ...

When Good Ears Go Bad–It’s All Gone - 28 August 2012

You just left a gig and you’re dialing the number you got halfway through your set. As you lift the phone, you notice two kinds of ringing. One is coming from the phone, but the other one?
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