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72 Music Production Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

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SoundCloud vs the best of the rest

With all the copyright drama surrounding SoundCloud, there’s no shortage of people screaming “try this site!”, “try that site!”. source: djworx

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Laidback Luke's five golden rules for DJs
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Request for Radiostations
Radio Show "Looking for the Perfect Beat"
Irvin Cee started as from January 5, 2014 with his radio show “Looking for the Perfect Beat”. read more ...
When Good Ears Go Bad–It’s All Gone
You just left a gig and you’re dialing the number you got halfway through your set. As you lift the phone, you notice two kinds of ringing. One is coming from the phone, but the other one?
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DJ Irvin Cee


Irvin Cee has started his second DJ career 100% digital and plays more than ever before on his musical feeling. He practices "Controllerism", by using controllers he makes computers do exactly what and when he wants them to do in order to uplift the musical experience to new heights. No precompiled or edited sets, but music from the depths of his soul. Track choice, order and structure are more important than genres so Irvin plays a broad spectrum of Deep House,  House, Tech House, Techno and  Electro. 

"Addictive Mixing" is his style, once he presses "play", you are trapped to dance.
Keep CalmI Do Give a fckCant keep calm, I got the music in meShakeYaAssEDM is DeadFake LikesKleinkunst

Once he presses play, you are trapped to dance.

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